Fiat-chrysler Sees New York Stock Market Listing On Oct 13 – Yahoo Finance

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Fiat bought out Chrysler at the start of 2014 and both operate as one firm. Marchionne wants to incorporate the two into Dutch-registered entity Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), paving the way for the U.S. listing he says is needed to help finance a 48-billion euro ($64 billion) five-year growth plan. “The most likely date for the listing in the U.S. is October 13,” he told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting in Rimini. Marchionne is counting on the merger and the listing to help pay for a relaunch of its Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands, export Jeeps globally, and take all three to fast-growing Asian markets, where the group is currently weak.

Florida State Has Work to Do If It Wants to Be a Playoff Team in 2014 | Bleacher Report

If anything, Id be worried ( as I was here ) that some states would be even more protectionist than accreditors under Lees plan. Weissmann goes on to argue that a better course would be to just modify the existing accreditation system to allow for tiers of accreditation, where institutions on the lower rungs would have their aid eligibility restricted rather than cut off altogether. Its certainly a worthwhile idea, because the binary nature of accreditation has created a massive barrier to exitnobody wants to pull the trigger when a colleges life is on the line. But in isolation, its not clear that it solves the fundamental problems that conservative reformers are trying to solve. First, just because accrediting agencies would have new power to develop tiered systems, whos to say theyll be any more likely to let new providers in? Weissmann argues that the innovation critique has been somewhat unfair to accreditation agencies, which have granted institutions like Western Governors University latitude to operate a very different model. But proof by existence is not sufficient; for every innovative provider, how many never even got started because the transaction costs of going through the regulatory process were too high?

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‘Never happen’: The dollars and sense behind why John Cena remains WWE’s top babyface – Yahoo Sports

But FSU nibbled at the cheese before realizing what it had done. Jimbo Fisher: ‘ Hopefully this will be a good learning lesson for the guys, you got to play great’ #FSU . Tom D’Angelo (@tomdangelo44) August 31, 2014 The lesson to be learned needs to be this: Games like these, against better, deeper, more experienced teams, will be losses. FSU won’t win anything in 2014 based on its 2013 resume. It’s just one game into the season, but the Seminoles still clearly have improvements to make if they want to earn a spot in the four-team playoff.

Breaking Up the College Cartel: “Dangerous” or Necessary? – Forbes

The man himself didn’t go into any detail on why it will “never happen”, as he told Bell over and over in a YouTube video of their conversation that was taken down shortly after it was posted. But it doesn’t take an MBA to figure out that it comes down to one thing – money. The latest edition of The Wrestling Observer newsletter (subscription required, but recommended), confirms as much: …the idea of turning Cena heel would be mind-bogglingly stupid. The key is merchandise. With Bryan and Punk gone, Cena’s merchandise was recently and may still be outselling the entire rest of the roster combined.


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